Turn your alcobase wash or neutral spirit (vodka, everclear, etc.) into the spirit or liqueur of your choice with these commercial quality essences.

Top Shelf Classic

Developed for those who want the very best. This is a commercial quality essence. Each sachet will flavor 2.25 liters (2 x 40 oz bottles) of filtered alcohol.

American Bourbon – A smooth, rich, bourbon with the strong aroma of peach wood barrel oak. A superior bourbon ideal for drinking straight over ice.

Brandy – A mellow, well aged, brandy style. A subtle blend of grape & fruit flavors give this connoisseur’s brandy a distinctive place in any liquor cabinet.

Calypso Rum – A rich, dark molasses style rum which first found popularity in the Caribbean. Great with rum based cocktails but most often consumed with Cola.

Finest Reserve Scotch Whisky – A unique blend of several of the best distillations from fermented grains combine to give this Whisky outstanding flavor and aroma. Unique smoky and peaty qualities.

Gin – A distinctive refreshing gin of outstanding character. This very concentrated essence produces a clean tasting clean smelling gin with a strong juniper flavor & a touch of coriander.

Navy Dark Rum – A dark sweet, mellow rum styled on the seafaring rums of old. Best enjoyed straight.

Queensland Gold Rum – A mellow rum with subtle tones of liquorice, golden syrup and molasses. The distinctive taste of American white oak gives this a complex yet smooth aftertaste.

Tennessee Bourbon – A full flavored sour mash Whisky with distinctive aromas and yet mellow and smooth. Great over ice but traditionally drunk with coke and ice.

Whisky – A rich, golden, full flavored, single malt whisky style. As you sip this you can almost hear the sound of bagpipes & smell the peat fires burning.

Top Shelf Spirits

White Rum – The very best Caribbean style White Rum available.

Rye Whisky – A light, refreshing, Canadian style whisky.

Chilli Vodka – A very trendy drink. In winter you receive warmth from the Vodka and you also get a lovely hot pepper/chilli after taste.

Citrus Vodka – Copies the very popular commercial lemon Vodka. Serve from the freezer & drunk on the rocks; especially in summer.

Vodka – More of a smoothing agent than a flavoring this essence is a must for vodka drinkers.

Tequila – A full flavored Mexican essence. All that is required is the worm. This tequila has fast become a favorite.

Ouzo – Clear aniseed flavored spirit from Greece. Turns cloudy when water is added.

Top Shelf Liqueurs

Amaretto – With a sweet, rich almond flavor from Northern Italy.

Apricot Brandy – This brandy has been infused with apricots.

Banana Schnapps – Rich yellow schnapps with the flavor of fresh bananas.

Black Sambuca – Purple liqueur with a strong aniseed and delicate liquorice flavor.

Blackberry Schnapps – A sweet, purple schnapps with the full taste of blackberries.

Blue Curacao – Bright blue liqueur with a strong citrus orange flavor.

Butterscotch Cream – A very popular, easy drinking cream liqueur.

Butterscotch Schnapps – Schnapps with the flavor of butterscotch. Try it with Irish Cream!

Cafelua – A coffee based liqueur with a rich, fresh coffee flavor from Mexico.

Candy Shots – Sweet confectionery flavor.

Cappuccino – A cream liqueur with a rich coffee & delicate chocolate flavor.

Cherry Brandy – Brandy flavored with cherries.

Chocolate Mint – Chocolate based with a clean refreshing mint aftertaste.

Coconut Rum – Based on White Rum and has a strong taste of fresh coconut.

Coffee Maria – Similar to the rum based, coffee flavored liqueur from Jamaica.

Creme de Cacao – Sweet, dark brown liqueur with a rich cocoa and vanilla flavor.

Creme de Menthe – Green liqueur with a clean, refreshing, peppermint flavor.

Dictine – A brandy based herbal liqueur with a clean, refreshing flavor.

Dry Vermouth – Made with wine or spirit.

Hazelnut – Boasts a pleasant hazelnut flavor.

Hot Cinnamon Schnapps – Think of the fragrant flavors of hot cinnamon.

Irish Cream – Whisky based cream liqueur with a strong vanilla flavor.

Italiano – A gold colored, sweet Italian liqueur with the flavors of vanilla, aniseed & liquorice.

Macadamia Nut – This liqueur has a delicate macadamia nut flavor.

Mango – The taste of the tropics. Enjoy over ice on a hot day.

Melon – A light green liqueur with a delicate honeydew melon flavor.

Orange Brandy – Amber liqueur, of French origin, which combines brandy and fresh oranges in one of the best known styles of Triple Sec.

Parfait Amour – A popular, sweet, purple, fragrant liqueur.

Peach Schnapps – Sweet, clear liqueur with a soft flavor and the aroma of fresh peaches.

Red Sambuca – An aniseed liqueur with a rich red color.

Rum Liqueur – A rum based liqueur with chocolate, caramel and coffee notes.

Skyebuie – A herbal liqueur based on whisky with notes of honey.

Southern Smooth – As the name suggests, this bourbon liqueur is very popular in the southern states of America. Has a sweet, fruity aftertaste.

Strawberry Schnapps – Tastes and looks like fresh strawberries

Swiss Chocolate Almond – A delicious nutty, chocolate liqueur.

Triple Sec – Clear liqueur with a rich, strong and dry citrus orange taste.

White Sambuca – Aniseed based liqueur that is clear to opaque.


Ferments 25 liters of clear, neutral liqueur base to 20 % ABV in just two weeks for flavoring with our essences.

Turbo Yeasts

Developed for trouble free high alcohol brewing. Three Turbos to choose from depending on your needs.

Turbo Yeast

The first Turbo yeast developed by Still Spirits, this yeast will ferment a wash of up to 13%/V Alcohol.

Turbo Extra Yeast

An advanced yeast capable of fermenting up to 20 % /V alcohol. It provides more alcohol for less work.

Temperature Tolerant Turbo Yeast

Ideal in warmer climates as it will ferment a wash of up to 13%/V Alcohol in a temperature range from 15º to 40º C. and produce a wash clear of fermentation byproducts even at high temperatures.

Z Carbon Filter Unit

Using Still Spirits’ unique filter design and specially developed carbon blend you can clean a liqueur base or grain alcohol before turning it into your own spirit or liqueur.