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Product Description

This kit allows you to upgrade your current Grainfather to include the newer pipework and extras we are currently selling online. NOTE: You do not need this if you are buying a Grainfather online.

This includes:

  • Discharge pipe with ball valve and safety valve

This also includes for free all items from the Free Upgrade Kit;

  • Recirculation pipe
  • Counter flow wort chiller connection
  • Grain stopper
  • 2x Pump silicone tubes
  • 4x Silicone tube fixing rings
  • Bag of silicone O rings, and seals

The advantages of the pieces included in these kits are as follows:

  • New coarse thread disconnect fittings that eliminate cross threading and make removing fittings quick and easy.
  • On/off valve has been relocated to the discharge pipe which makes adjusting the flow through the chiller easier.
  • A shut off connection has been added to the discharge pipe which removes the need for fittng the brass cap. (This is a male-female connection so requires a new recirculation pipe and new connection for the chiller.
  • Pump moulded silicone tubes with rubber fixing rings which will avoid potential for leaks.
  • Spare O rings in case you need them.
  • Grainstopper – this new piece will replace the aluminium cap that prevents grain from falling down the overflow pipes. It also has a rolled groove which allows the overflow pipes to be extended to their maximum without separating completely.




Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 20 cm