How long does it take to brew beer?

It takes as little as two weeks to brew the standard Mr. Beer recipe, which contains an Brewing Extract and Booster™ Pouch. When you begin brewing recipes that contain additional ingredients, more brewing time may be required. Some of the most complex recipes can take up to 6 months before they are ready to enjoy. In general, most beers taste better if you allow extra time for fermenting and conditioning.

What do I need to make beer?

Brewing beer is an amazing hobby because there are so many different methods you can use to make your home brew. Whether you are using a 2-gallon fermenter and naturally carbonating in 1-liter bottles or you are using a 10-gallon fermenter and force carbonating 5-gallon kegs, the end result should always be great tasting beer.
1) Brew Keg — The brew keg is where fermentation occurs, turning sugars into alcohol.
2) Brewing Extract — Malted grain in extract form and hops, plus they include a dry ale yeast packaged under the plastic lid. All you add is water.
3) Booster™ or Unhopped Malt Extract (UME) — These ingredients add the additional sugars needed to create the appropriate amount of alcohol. Booster™ simply adds the required sugar, and UMEs add the required sugar and additional flavour.
4) One-Step™ Sanitizing Cleanser — The most important key to making great beer is proper sanitization. OneStep™ assures a sterile environment every time you brew.
5) Bottles — In order to carbonate, store and serve your beer you will need bottles.1-liter PET bottles that are perfect for bottling your beer.
When you purchase a Home Brewing Kit all the essential ingredients you will need to make your first batch of beer will be included along with a brewing guide that contains much more detailed information about the beer making process.
5. Is it okay to open the fermenter during fermentation?
No. You can easily introduce a rogue organism that may sour the beer. The best thing to do is trust that your yeast is functioning perfectly. If you want to check on the activity level of the beer, shine a strong flashlight on the outside of the keg to see if fine bubbles are still rising, or if there is yeast foam still floating on the beer.

How do I brew with hops?

When brewing with hops, it’s best to place them in a sanitised muslin hop sack to minimize hop particles in your finished beer. Tie off the open end of the sack, and place it in your boiling water just before removing the heat. Proceed as usual, leaving your hop sack in the fermenter for the entire fermentation, unless your recipe directs you otherwise. Just throw it away after bottling your beer — it’s not reusable.

After seven days my beer is still cloudy. Can I bottle it yet?

Hold off just a little longer. Sometimes the fermentation takes a little longer than expected, especially when brewing at cooler temperatures, or when brewing with extra fermentable sugars or old yeast. In some cases, fermentation may take up to three or four weeks before your beer is ready to bottle.

Can I filter my beer?

Beer filtration is a tricky thing for the home brewer, requiring pressurised cylinders and high pressure filter plates. Filtering through coffee filters or cheesecloth will only produce aerated beer and cause spoilage. The easiest way to get the clearest beer is to give the beer ample time to settle in the fermenter and do not disturb the fermenter during bottling.